Qdee Controller

Our Qdee controller consists of micro:bit and expansion board .Plug-in design makes creation more convenient.

The controller is equipped with about 10 electronic modules like sound sensor and Bluetooth module so that it can achieve IR control, sound detection and etc.

There are more than 10 extended connectors. Satisfy all your creations needs!

Translucent case and no angular design make it safe for children.

The holes on controller are compatible with LEGO, bring your ideas into reality

Below are the Port number options on Qdee Controller to connect with the sensors and servo motor module. User can select relevant port to use in the coding block.

Port Number Options 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Ultrasonic Sensor
Line Follower Sensor
Servo Motor
Colour Sensor
Name Parameter
Programming Software MakeCode Hiwonder V1.0 / Qdee App
Input Device Button, Accelerometer, Electronic compass, Temperature sensor, Bluetooth, Light sensor, Wireless communication, Sound sensor, IR receiver
Output Device LED dot matrix, RGB colored ribbon, Buzzer
Controller micro:bit+ Expansion board
Power Supply AA battery or Lithium battery

L*W*H 95*95*35mm

Weight About 140g
Number of Connector 10 pcs