Q : Will you provide product user manual?
A : Yes. We will provide the user manual. Our Qdee App has also equipped with the Building Tutorial.

Q : What ages are your product suitable for?
A :The recommended age range is from 8 to 12 years old.

Q : What kinds of programming methods do you have?
A : Our robot supports both phone App and computer program. You can choose online or offline program version on PC side.

Q : Are your product safe for our children?
A : We have specially designed an external packaging for all the electronic modules. Since there are some small parts like screws and nuts, we recommend that those children under 8 years old should be accompanied by parents while using it.

Q : Can I extend the shapes for Qdee Standard ?
A : Certainly! Our Qdee Standard has matched with plenty of brackets, which can be compatible with LEGO bricks. All you need is just your imagination!